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Posted on Monday, October 9, 2017

KAFP District 6 Director Named


The KAFP Board of Directors met on October 1, 2017 and voted Graig Nickel, MD, FAAFP of Lawrence as the District 6 Director replacing Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP who was elected as secretary. Below are all district directors and faculty directors who represent their respective areas on the Board. Click here for more.

District 1-Sabrina Markese MD, Kansas City
District 2-Ron Seglie MD, Pittsburg
District 3-Jared Johnson MD, Wichita 
District 4-Eric Clarkson DO, MBA, Pratt 
District 5-Debra Doubek MD, Manhattan
District 6-Graig Nickel MD, FAAFP, Lawrence
District 7-Drew Miller MD, Lakin
District 8-Justin Overmiller, MD, Smith Center
Faculty Kansas City Campus-Margaret Smith MD
Faculty Wichita Campus-Tara Neil MD