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Senate Public Health & Welfare Committee 

[2017 Members]

House Health & Human Services Committee 

[2017 Members]


MACRA Ready.pdf
Size: 5.60 MB
MACRA Ready by Shawn Martin
KanCare Presentation by KHA.pdf
Size: 1.17 MB
KanCare Provider Reductions by Tom Bell & Chad Austin
2017 Kansas House Legislator Info.xlsx
Size: 39.78 KB
2017 Kansas House Legislators
Topeka, Kansas
2017 Kansas Senate Legislator Info.xlsx
Size: 19.12 KB
2017 Kansas Senate Legislators
Topeka, Kansas
2017 House Health and Human Services Committee Members (002).pdf
Size: 703.04 KB
2017 House Health & Human Services Committee Members
Topeka, Kansas
2017 Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee (002).pdf
Size: 364.23 KB
2017 Senate Public Halth & Welfare Committee
Topeka, Kansas